Upcycled bags from Kites – the making of story

BYDFAULT accessory line from recycled kites

There is more R&D behind upcycled bags derived from a kite used to kitesurf than one may think.

Stephane (BYDFAULT’s Founder) met Damien (Naish Kiteboarding Prodcut Manager) on the snow six months ago. It was nothing like a scheduled meeting and more of a “hey, so you work for Naish,  what do you do with your old kites?” thing -More on that later. First, let’s see what it takes to make a kite that flies:

Here is what the conversation was [almost] like when Stephane met Damien back in February 2013:

Damien: “…I heard you speak in French. Are you French?
Stephane: Yes, I mean oui. [continuing in french] we live in the area for almost 7 years now. We like it here (Crystal) nice runs and beautiful mountain too. What are you doing here?
D:  enjoying some snow before going to France. I work in Maui.
S: ahah, Maui, wow! And what are you doing over there?
D: I work for Naish Kiteboarding
S: seriously??? Flying big kites is my hobby. I snowkite a bit too [well, only once but was really cool]…. and what do you do with your old kites? Do you throw them away?
D: nothing in particular, sometimes we give them
S: I’d love to recycle them into an accessory line. Would you agree to send me some?
D: sure!”
Done. We have a deal. Stephane was talking about it for days. This soon to be the “next big thing” was a dream come true: make a full line of products from A to Z.

Few months later we received some kites from Naish Kiteboarding thanks to Damien and Des. We also got some used ones from local (Puget sound area, WA) kitesurfers as well, which is cool.
Material is really great with lots of details and features we can re-purpose to give an even more edgy look and feel. Colors are really bright and clean. Would definitely do great on a messenger bag or an everyday backpack and more (we don’t want to tell you everything right now!).

We started the design work in our studio (“LeLab”) together with Milan Heger. Milan is an artist, designer and architect. We met a year ago and this project was the trigger to our first collaboration. What is great working with Milan is that he has lots of ideas; he gets it and can draw what you have in mind including this fashion touch we are looking for as you speak. Like us, Milan wants to give back and help communities. The environmental dimension of this project was also one that hooked Milan into working on this together.

For this project, we are also partnering with Muses, Conscious Studio in Seattle. Muses is a non-profit that seeks to build financial stability and social integration for low-income immigrants and refugees by translating their existing talents and passions into skills highly demanded in the current U.S. job market.

We are currently developing an accessory line that is easy to wear, fashion-forward with a fun twist. Our head turning and eye catching accessory line won’t let you down. Made in the USA, our bags will be great to match with our clothing line.

And of course, we give back $5 from every purchase to a charity. More about this to be announced.

We’ll share more as the product is being developed and prototypes are being built. For now, enjoy some pictures of the work in progress.

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