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BYDFAULT’s screen print shirts are manually screen printed in Seattle. The process is very meticulous and requires a lot of patience and attention to details. For this one shirt, printed by Luxé Riot, we used different inks to provide a unique touch experience. Water based ink was used for most of the design to get a very soft feel and plastisol ink was used to make the “one artist one cause” text stand out through a more textured ink.

Screen printing relates to craftsmanship

To make premium quality screen print shirts, the printer must understand the artwork the way the artists intended to print it. This is where there must be real good communication between the brand product manager and the printing team. When the art file is given to the printer, quite often a designer will have to do some fine tuning so the artwork is really print-ready. The printer’s designer is the one who will need to really understand the artist’s artwork and also what the brand’s positioning is to meet everyone’s expectations.



This is not an overnight job

As a detailed oriented brand, customer satisfaction is our priority. More than words, this is how we build the brand. It’s quite easy to find cheap design artwork, cheap blank t-shirts and a screen printer to do the job. It is another story when you want top notch quality and service everywhere. Artworks you’ll find on our shirts are exclusive and from dedicated artist who do this for a living and you’ll find many of them in art magazines (picninc magazine, juxtapose, hi-fructose) or at gallery shows across the globe. T-shirt we print on are premium quality shirts and as much as possible made in the USA (Bella, Canvas, Royal Apparel, American Apparel) or in a certified facility (Anvil, Alternative Apparel, Not For Sale, Independent trading co) when we buy shirts made overseas. And the printer is a well-established one, recognized of its passion and dedication to the art of screen printing like Luxe Riot or Rain City West Printing. When you have all these ingredients, the end result is a BYDFAULT shirt that will become your favorite one that you’ll keep for a long time.

We are not the only one out there

There are other brands out there driven by the same passion for quality and customer service that we particularly like, and just to name a few: Zadig et Voltaire, Berenice, Ugmong, nonola, blood is the new black, it’s a perfect day, MynoTime

We hope you’ll not look at a t-shirt the same way anymore. This is not a simple shirt, but one with a story and a purpose.

Thanks for ready through and taking the time.

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Stephane Boss, doing good with BYDFAULT since 2011

Stephane Boss,
doing good with BYDFAULT since 2011.


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