Save the Street children of Mumbai with "Amin Sheikh"

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Build a place where the street children of Mumbai/Bombay will have a brighter future. Support Amin Sheikh’s dream to start a coffee-library.

A recent census estimated there are 37,059 children who live in the street of Mumbai. 40% witnessed verbal, physical or sexual abuse, torture, and forced starving. 15 % of these children are addicted to substances. And most of them have never seen a school.

Once a street kid, Amin Sheikh, now 30 years old, lives in Mumbai, India. His dream is to make this world a better place for everyone and especially the children living in the streets: “One day I want to start a Coffee Library, where I want to show people that everybody is equal. That’s what I call Humanity.”

About Amin:

Amin ran away from home at the age of five. For three years he survived on the mean streets of Mumbai, begging, polishing shoes… eating off discarded eatables, and sleeping in fear under park benches or in hidden corners of railway stations. 
Three years later he was placed at Snehasadan, a home for homeless children. After getting his driving license he was sent to work as chauffeur. After two years of honest hard work, he was helped by his employer to set up his very own Sneha Travels, named after his foster home Snehasadan.

Now, Amin wants to help the children of the street the same way he was helped: learn a job to get sustainable income and receive an education.

About the Coffee-Library project and how it helps save street children:

In the coffee shop, all the workers, girls and boys, will come from Amin orphanage, Snehasadan. For 50 years, Snehasadan has offered shelter and vocational training to homeless children in Mumbai and all over India. About 40,000 kids have been through Snehasadan to date.

In the coffee shop, we will look after the children. Too many children struggle to cope with their lives. Some of them have learned to be carpenters, welders, drivers or electricians… The coffee shop will be a place where people will come look for a carpenter or an electrician… and they will find contact information of these children-turned-professionals. Children with special art talent will also be given a chance to start their own business.

When the kids leave the orphanage, we don’t want them to go back on the streets. They need support and help to start a new life, to buy a house… and that’s what this project is all about!

How you help:

$5 from the purchase of the limited edition “Lion” shirts goes back to Amin Sheikh and fund the coffee library project that will help street children find a job, get an education and live a normal life.


In France, Rasibus Edition was created to publish Amin’s book and support his project to start a coffee-library in Mumbai. All the proceeds from the book  go towards this project. The book is available in different languages: FRENCH, ENGLISH, SPANISH and also in Catalan and Marthi. For a signed copy of the book, send an email directly to Amin

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