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Nine-year-old Joy Naomi Sahtu attends ‘Comprehensive Primary School’ in Freetown, Sierra Leone where she lives with her family. Joy had been struggling at school and falling behind in her schoolwork which was impacting upon her education and causing problems at home. Fortunately her father, who is a Pastor, attended a community eyecare workshop where he learnt to identify basic eye conditions.

“Even when watching the TV at home she needed to get close to the screen and squeeze her eyes,” he said. “After the workshop I realized the problem and I took her to the eye clinic for a test. She was prescribed glasses to help her to see and now she is catching up at school.”

Without early identification and support, a child with a visual impairment can have delayed physical, motor, psychological and social development. A simple sight test really can transform her life and that of the family by increasing opportunities for schooling, employment and independence.

Joy’s father said he has referred many more people to the eye clinic through his role as a Pastor since he received the training.

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