From concept to completion: BYDFAULT fashion t-shirt dress with our magic number 5

BYDFAULT fashion t-shirt dress five give back shape the world you want with the purchases you make sexy beach summer dress hip-hop pool party dress STEPHANE BOSS GUILT FREE FASHION

Yes darling, that’s one of a hot summer t-shirt dress!

Sexy, casual, fun, easy to wear.

Put on your bikini, bring on your flip flops, put on your shades, turn up the volume and rock this sexy t-shirt dress all day/night, 24/7, that’s yours for the summer! But are you ready for it?


WAIT THERE’S MORE! Read through the end for your chance to win a free women’s tee. Yes am serious! A Funny contest for a light summer t-shirt dress. Are you in?

[back in time] Sometimes you have an idea in mind but it takes a long time before you can actually see what you can do with it. Am I right?

And then, one day, you dare talking about your next project to someone you trust. And then another one… Until a guy kick your little butt and say: “am doing a photoshoot with a beautiful model and an AC/DC tribute band in Portland, get that dress of yours ready, I want it for the shoot!

John Martinotti, photographer, whom I work with for 6 months now, was that guy. Shelby Meader was the model and Shoot to Thrill – An ACDC Tribute was the band.

So guess what, it’s a summer beach t-shirt dress that we are doing but hell yeah, let’s do this! And few days later the dress prototypes were ready.

This photoshoot was not to promote BYDFAULT’s products but Shoot to Thrill, the AC/DC tribute band. The result is great and the band is using that image. But that’s not what I had in mind for that sexy little summer beach t-shirt dress.

What’s the inspiration behind this dress?

The inspiration for that t-shirt dress comes from the coast of California. This is a laid-back casual fun to wear t-shirt dress and it needs sunshine, blue sky, infinite beaches…

Summer- Beach – Party are three words that describe best this fun casual fashion t-shirt dress. That’s one you’ll wear on top of a bikini, at the beach, pool party or at the beach café with a bunch of friends. That dress is not to be taken seriously, have fun with it. Put it on along with your best smile and dance, laugh, love.. That’s what summer is for.

FIVE is OUR number. That’s also your guilt free fashion pass. From Your purchase, BYDFAULT donates FIVE dollars to a charity of your choice. This is how we do things, we don’t know another way, we give back no matter what.

Ready to play? Now is your turn to do something for us/me.

As you read through, you understand that the photos above don’t reflect the inspiration of the shirt fully. These are great images and I love them (otherwise they would not be here at the first place) but that dress is a summer beach t-shirt dress. Do you see where am going?

Once you have your t-shirt dress, wear it at the lake, at the beach, at the beach house, beach café… go outside smile, laugh, love, dance at the pool party AND TAKE PICTURES!!! Share them with us on Instagram, facebook, twitter, through email with hash tag #bydfault. The owner of the most popular ones will win a free women’s tee. Winners will be announced throughout the summer. Another reason to follow us on facebook.

I will share more details soon on our Facebook page and to our mailing list. Make sure you follow us.

Get your t-shirt dress. Rock it and share your pics!

Love you,

Stephane Boss,
Founder & Creative Director, BYDFAULT [a guilt free fashion house]
Email me with any questions: stephane[@]


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