BYDFAULT needs a Social Media intern

BYDFAULT needs a social media intern

We need an intern to run all of our social media presence, how cool is that!

As we are now starting phase 2 with a brand new website (hope you like it), we want to do a better job on social media and that’s why we need an intern. This could be a great experience for a college student willing to implement a social media strategy but also to be a part of an amazing project. So, if you are a student interested in art, fashion and social entrepreneurship willing to lead the social media presence of the brand as well as learning about many aspects of running a small business, then continue reading.

Note: this is not a paid internship but we will give t-shirts.

Duration: November 2012 – June 2013 (can be discussed).

Location: wherever you are as long as it is in the greater Seattle area. BYDFAULT HQs are in Redmond, WA but meetings will occur where most convenient for you. There is no need to come to the office daily.

What this internship is all about?

1- Ensure we connect and engage with our fans and followers according to their expectations in terms of art, giving back and fashion.

2- Leverage different platforms such as: Pinterest, twitter, facebook, blogs, Tumblr, Instagram, Youtube… to spread the word out, share our vision and passion about leveraging art to help the needy.

3- Be a part of the team and participate in the everyday life of the company including internal meetings and also meetings with our partners (agency, printer, press…).

4- The intern will be responsible to update all the social networks daily and to make sure we are responsive in responding to any customer comment, tweet or post.

5- Finally, what else would you like to do? We are a startup so pretty much everything is possible and we are more than open to new ideas. Like doing videos about the true story of King Arthur, a movember t-shirt contest, or a happy hour with all our fans unless you want to Ustream our next big party or_________.

Who are we looking for?

– If you want to become rich and famous the quick and easy way, well you’ve come to the wrong place. Here, you won’t be rich, it wont be quick and it won’t be easy but you’ll have lot of fun and the satisfaction of doing great things for the community.

– More seriously, we are looking for a college student, passionate about social media, art (street art, urban art, contemporary art), illustration and giving back.

– You need to be familiar with all the social media ecosystem, be creative and not afraid to say what you think (French is ok) especially when you know you are right.

– Someone who loves to write stuff and a great communicator.

– Of course, you leave nearby (Seattle area), you are well organized, planning is your top strength and you are fun to work with. You are independent but love to work as a team and think out of the box.

Still interested? Send me an email: stephane@bydfault[dot]com


BYDFAULT is a socially responsible apparel company. We believe in fashion, art and people to drive awareness on some of the problems the world is facing and impact lives. Our mission is to make exclusive premium apparel and accessories leveraging art and fashion to help someone in the world have a better life every day.

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  1. Raquel -

    February 12, 2013 at 10:11 am

    I LOVE this. If I knew someone, I would definitely send him/her your way.