Angel Wings Foundation began in 2007 with the simple idea to reach out and make a difference. Specifically to support and fund people who need it the most and expect it the least in Washington State. The Foundation thrives on the belief that even making a small difference in someone’s life can lead to greater things. There are times in life, when the unexpected becomes the “new normal”.  When something that you would never have considered would happen to you or your family happens.  And from that moment on, your life is never the same.  It is those times when the response of Angel Wings Foundation makes all the difference in the world.

We want to spread love, compassion and hope to local families when they need it the most and expect it the least. We support individuals and families who have recently experienced life changing events.  Throughout our website you will find videos and photos of families who have volunteered to share their story with Angel Wings Foundation.

As we have grown, we have expanded our mission into our Legacy Project and Random Acts of Kindness. Our founders wanted to leave a legacy of including and encouraging youth’s ideas for giving back. They also believe that we all need to be aware of opportunities to respond quietly in the moment. You can learn more about these by clicking on the tabs above.


Angel Wings Foundation utilizes our Donors, Volunteers and Corporate Partnerships to assist families and individuals while leaving a legacy of serving others and empowering our youth. We do this through our Wings of Love program, Legacy program and Random Act of Kindness.


Angel Wings Foundation is founded on basic idea that many people are struggling to get by in a humble way. The individuals and families we assist are quietly getting through difficult time and often just need some relief. We make no discrimination as to: nationality, race, religious beliefs, class, or political perspective. Our leadership team and board of directors review nominations and dutifully determines eligibility based on established criteria.


How does my purchase benefit the Angel Wings Foundation?

A portion of proceeds from the sale of all products funds our ongoing programs.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

Quantity discounts are available for most products. To inquire further about our policy, email: