What if our future leaders understand the meaning of “give back”?

BYDFAULT volunteering in Guatemala

We can certainly not save the world but we can change it if we all give back a little something.

This week Stephane Boss (Founder and CEO at BYDFAULT) is going to Guatemala to build a new classroom at a rural school in Guatemala. That’s his second trip as a volunteer and this time it’s because of all the support we have received from you through the sell of the John Hobbs shirts. We have been able to give back to Kindred Volunteer enough funds to build a new classroom.

This cause is special to our heart because this is where everything started for BYDFAULT. Click here to see the pictures of the current mission. All has been possible because many of you have purchased the John Hobbs shirts. And now you can see how the money you helped collect is used making life better for hundreds of children.

In Guatemala, they lack of many things and especially in rural areas i.e. indigenous areas. Only 30% will finish elementary school and we want to change that and give a chance to more children to have a brighter future. To do that we have partnered with Kindred Volunteer, a nonprofit in Guatemala.

This may sounds easy to say but actually, being there you can actually see the change. In the school where we are working, in two years, the volunteers have built three classrooms,  built faucets for all age children and fixed furniture so the students can focus on the lesson rather than their chair. When you see the smile on all the children faces, you know you are impacting lives in a big way.

Our future leaders can change the world!

During this mission, we are with an amazing group of 17 high school students in 11th and 12th grades. They are the future and give back is one of their key values. They could have gone with their family in a nice resort but instead they decided to dedicate their time to help others. The future of humanity suddenly looks brighter with such people as our future leaders.
If they include these values into their jobs that’s even better. Can you imagine how we can change the world if our future leaders bring the value of giving back into the companies they work for? How awesome this could be!

What’s your take on that?

Click here to see the pictures of the current mission

Stephane Boss, doing good with BYDFAULT since 2011
Stephane Boss,
doing good with BYDFAULT since 2011.

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