Shirt by Vin and Omi for BYDFAULT – The untold story!

Vin and Omi for BYDFAULT to support sightsavers

This Vin and Omi shirt is the most accomplished we have ever released: it’s fashion, it’s art, it’s green and it does good!

All started nine months ago when we agreed with Vin and Omi, two fashion designers located in England, to work on a project together. I must say the collaboration was great since day one and it is so enjoyable to work with like-minded people. Immediately they proposed to support Sightsavers, an international nonprofit organization working with local partners to eliminate avoidable blindness in developing countries. The organization does a tremendous job to prevent and cure those at risk of becoming blind. Sightsavers was a pleasure to work with and I do appreciate their patience.

We had to overcome some challenges. One of them was to find the right fabric and the local printer able to print such a complex and detailed design.

When quality and attention to details is your priority, there is nothing easy and quick. Finding a local company able to do sublimation printing took our team quite some time. Of course we could have gone overseas and it would have saved us lots of time but that is not what we wanted to do, we wanted to stay local as much as we could, and we did and worked with Stella Color in Seattle. Then, when you have such an innovative and creative design, you need the right fabric. Because of the design and printing technique used, we had to find a polyester fabric for our shirt. And, again, we wanted to stay local and we found Rethink Fabrics who does incredible garments to print on.


Such a unique piece deserves more than a good image.

Raquel Dennett, the photographer and Terri Fender the stylist did such a great job since the beginning that it was obvious that they will do the photo shoot for this new shirt again. We were still missing a model. For this photo shoot and this shirt in particular, I wanted someone with a strong personality, very spontaneous, honest, not shy in front of the camera and with rock glam attitude. And I met Jasmine. Jasmine is the guitarist and vocalist of the Seattle-based band Jasmine Sage. If Jasmine is the muse, then her music is what best represent BYDFAULT from a sound perspective. I always wanted to associate a sound with our collection and Jasmine was a dream becoming true.


“Working with such a team of creative people for such a great cause was pure happiness. I hope the result will touch your heart and soul and while wearing this shirt you’ll keep in mind the people it helps and the people behind the scene who made it a reality”

I’ve asked Raquel Dennett and Vin and Omi about their experience working on this project. Here are their words:


“We saw the early start of BYDFAULT online and loved the concept that Stephane was developing. We wanted to support him as much as possible. We look forward to watching BYDFAULT grow and help causes worldwide.

Vin and Omi have supported Sightsavers, as individuals, with donations for many years, we cannot imagine the handicap sight loss can bring. We aim to do as much as possible to aid Sightsavers in their quest to restore sight to at risk individuals. The facts that there are 285 million people in the world who are blind or visually impaired and 80% of this is treatable are a tough fact to forget.

In donating our design for the shirt we brainstormed what would be most appropriate. We were taken by the variation of colors in people’s eyes and worked with abstract color combinations to create a spherical design that looks almost 3D. It symbolizes a globe of millions of colors that can be seen with full sight and highlights that even though we all have different irises, we all see through the same mechanism.

After designing the shirt we realized that the great photographer Rankin’s work Eyescapes may have been in the back of our minds as it was such a great exhibition. It is even more fitting as Rankin has already done exceptional work in supporting Sighsavers so we feel honored to follow in his footsteps.

The shirt we have designed is printed on a great fabric from recycled bottles by the USA company Rethink Fabrics and is made in Guatemala providing local employment.”


Raquel Dennett Photography

“I knew the minute I met Stephane that I wanted to collaborate with him for BYDFAULT. Not only do I believe in what BYDFAULT is doing, but the apparent passion with which Stephane talks about his company, the artists who contribute, and the future… in all of this his passion is infectious, inviting me to look forward and see the potential for a better world.

With the projects we’ve done together so far, he’s very hands-on, but I also get the sense that he’s sitting back and letting my own creative flowovertake and grow me. It’s rare to find someone with whom the collaboration is so flawless. I feel that Stephane’s energy and enthusiasm have helped create something very wonderful that I hope to be a part of for a long time to come.”


Stephane Boss, doing good with BYDFAULT since 2011
Stephane Boss,
doing good with BYDFAULT since 2011.



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