Paper Clouds Apparel: “helping others has never looked so good”

Robert Thornton is the Founder and CEO at Paper Clouds Apparel, a socially responsible company. The reason for this blog post is to highlight how great and meaningful creating a business can be. I had the chance and opportunity to chat with Robert and the least I can tell is that it is not that often that you meet someone who is so passionate and on the exact same page as you when it comes to running a business and even more when it comes to running an apparel brand.

This video is an interview he did recently regarding a campaign Paper Clouds Apparel is currently running (until January 21st) in support of  The Center for Autism & Related Disorders (CARD). CARD is equally committed to developing technology to make autism recovery available to professionals and families around the world.

Paper Clouds Apparel is committed in helping others. They not only make great quality and soft bamboo T-shirt designed by individuals with special needs, employ people with special needs but they also give back 50% of their profits to nonprofit organizations.

Below is an info graphic (stolen from their website) that explains how they operate and give back:


I really wish there were more people running their company like Robert does. The world can only benefit from it. Social entrepreneurs do not pretend they are saving the world but are definitely changing it a bit so it can be a better place for more of us.  This is our opportunity as companies and individuals to make a difference and impact someone’s life.

This approach can only be efficient if you are a part of it. You can be the change by buying a t-shirt from Paper Clouds Apparel (or from us by the way :-)). You can also make a donation directly to the cause they support, and that’s great too but you can do more than that. You can be a part of the solution. When buying one of these tees you make a statement and drive awareness on one major issue and eventually more people are talking and taking action about it and we can help even more people in need.

I realize that writing an article about a company doing something similar to yours is not what you learn at University. But, social entrepreneurs have guts, intuitions and are driven by their passion and ability to help someone have a better life. This is not about greed or making lots of profits or even feeling good. This is about helping others, this is about leveraging your skills, knowledge, and backgrounds to impact the world and someone’s life.

With companies like paper Clouds Apparel and others (checkout, you can make a difference. Now, shop smart and join the movement!

Stephane Boss, doing good with BYDFAULT since 2011

Stephane Boss,
doing good with BYDFAULT since 2011.


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