Messenger bag is now finalized


The messenger bag we have been working on for so long is now finalized.

Or I should say, the third and final messenger bag prototype is now complete.

We have had many issues with the making of this messenger bag which was supposed to be revealed on December 6th 2013! That day the seamstress cut her finger and went to the Hospital. Then, as you can guess it was impossible for her to sew for weeks. She is doing fine now but we had to find someone else to finish the work and do another prototype.

The making of this bag was such an experience as we went outside of our comfort zone and above and beyond our garment expertise. Product development is an adventure. You know when it begins but you don’t know when and how it is going to end,

We are very proud and happy with the result. “We” equal Stephane Boss and Milan Heger. This bag is Eco-friendly as it uses recycled material: Kitesurfing kites, fun and practical as it carries many pockets to hold your stuff.

It is awesome from the outside and has plenty of pockets inside to hold your smartphone, pens, notebook and laptop or tablet. It is also very robust and uses durable materials: seat belt for the strap and vinyl (one used to cover seats in boats) on the bottom and sides of the bag.

The closure of front flap is using a hook attached to a very resistant elastic band hidden beneath the flap and will stretch enough so you can carry plenty of stuff and still be able to close it. The shoulder strap is not only adjustable but interchangeable and you’ll get to choose the color when you order it. Which is pretty cool. Hardware for the strap is made so it does not tangle and always fit nicely on your shoulder. Because we made this bag with our customers, you, in mind.

Stephane has been using it for a couple of months now and always get noticed everywhere he goes. Kinda head turning thing (and no, that’s not becasue Stephane is really handsome for his age).

The messenger bag will be soon available for preorder  for a short period of time before we produce it. When the preorder period ends, it will be available for purchase only when all bags are produced. The messenger bag will not be available for purchase while they are being produced.

Each bag is one of a kind and made in a very limited edition (less than 30 will be produced). Three colors is available: red, orange and blue and will come in different color options for the strap.

Price is not yet decided but will be in the $170-$190 range.

The bag is 100% handmade in Seattle, USA.

Our thanks to Muses Studio Seattle and Wolff Stitching and Finishing for helping us make this bag a reality. We love you!

Stephane Boss.
Founder & Creative Director, BYDFAULT

Watch the making of video

Read the full story and the behind the scenes of the making of the BYDFAULT X HEGER messenger bag

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