How Small Businesses Benefit from Promotional Apparel

bydfault benefits from promotional apparel for small businesses and nonprofit organizations

Quite often business owners ask me about the benefits of making custom promotional apparel. The first question is about cost and often they underestimate or skip the return on investment part.

How about we consider promotional apparel as an investment? How about we consider it as a way to increase visibility, customer satisfaction, brand recognition and eventually revenue?

In this article I will talk about the benefits businesses get from promotional apparel:

  • The good first impression you make to customers when your staff wears the same uniform
  • Increase visibility through the number of people that will see your message
  • Spread your name out with giveaways

Get the most bang for your buck

Most small businesses have a limited budget for marketing, and want to get the most bang for their buck. That’s why promotional apparel is such a good investment for small business owners looking for marketing magic.

When you buy custom-printed promotional apparel for your employees to wear at work, they will instantly look more professional and cohesive as a team. They will also be more easily identifiable to customers looking for help in your store, restaurant or office or while on house calls, increasing customer satisfaction with the service they receive from your staff.

Endless options

Your options for promotional apparel are almost endless. Depending on the nature of your business, you could outfit your staff in custom-printed or embroidered tee shirts for a casual look, which might suit a college campus coffee shop or trendy hair salon; polo shirts for a tidier look, suitable for a hardware store or toy retailer; or even button-up shirts and blouses for a professional office like a real estate agency or an insurance firm. Whatever you choose, your staff will become instantly recognizable as employees of your business and will look more organized and professional than if they wore mismatching clothes.

Company apparel is appreciated

Employees generally appreciate company apparel, because it saves them the cost of buying an expensive work wardrobe and the time spent choosing what to wear each day. It also saves you, the employer, from having to have difficult and sometimes embarrassing conversations with individual staff members about inappropriate work wear choices.

Rewards for staff that have performed well

You should also consider purchasing a few more expensive items – for example, custom-printed jackets or other outerwear – to give as rewards for staff that have performed well. When given as awards or gifts, promotional materials become associated with a feeling of goodwill and appreciation towards your company. These gifts also provide a powerful incentive for others to step up and improve their performance to try to earn a reward also.

Considerations in choosing the right garment and colors

When choosing your company’s “uniform,” you need to ask yourself some important questions. Company shirts for daily wear need to be durable and easy to clean – don’t choose something that’s dry clean only unless you plan to give your employees multiple shirts. You also have to think about the image you want your company to present; a small, subtle embroidered logo on the pocket might best represent a professional business, for example, while a wild colorful print might make the best impression if you run a clothing store for youth or a tattoo parlor.

Of course, you also need to think about what colors and designs are already associated with your company. If your logo is black and red, you shouldn’t order promotional apparel in purple and green. Keep your company’s image cohesive.

Beyond the walls of your business

There’s another powerful reason to invest in promotional apparel: the benefits of custom company clothing extend well beyond the walls of your place of business. When they’re wearing their company shirts, your employees essentially become walking advertisements for your business while they’re out and about; thus promotional apparel can greatly increase brand recognition for your company, helping your business stay in the minds of both current and potential customers.

If you send employees to trade shows, other businesses will easily be able to identify your staff, even when they are away from their booth. Your staff will look professional and neat, and others will naturally be impressed with the way your company presents itself. Cleverly branded clothing can also provide a conversation starter that’s centered around your business and gets the word out about your company.

Special events

Buying promotional apparel for special events – for example, tee-shirts or caps for your staff to wear during a charity 5K or golf tournament – is also an excellent way to increase brand recognition for your company and reward employees who are doing good things and promoting your business at the same time.

Gifts for existing clients or potential customers – Giveaway

There’s another use for promotional apparel – to give as gifts for existing clients or potential customers.

Studies show that useful promotional gifts are kept 97% of the time (the other 3% is usually passed on to family or friends), and 55% of recipients keep their gifts for over a year. Since these items are used often, they result in 43% more brand recognition and recall than traditional advertising such as TV, radio or magazine ads. T-shirts are usually the most economical apparel giveaways; make them part of the launch of a new store or product and you could have hundreds of people walking around as low-cost advertising for your business, possibly for years to come.

Do you see other benefits from making promotional apparel?

BYDFAULT can source and custom-print or embroider all kinds of apparel, from shirts to sweaters, bags and jackets. We also offer an end-to-end fulfillment service and eCommerce. The company is socially conscious and using fairly made garments is a priority. 5% of every custom apparel order goes to charities including organizations that aim to end human trafficking, help homeless children and educate young people in developing countries. When you select us for your next project, make sure your employees and clients know they’re wearing ethical clothing that supports important causes; they’ll be impressed with the choice you made and your company’s commitment to doing good deeds.

Stephane Boss,
Founder & Creative director, BYDFAULT

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