Build playgrounds that unite children of all abilities with "Shane's Inspiration"

Shane's inspiration playgrounds

The playground is a child’s classroom. They learn to negotiate while waiting in line for the slide. They learn to communicate by playing pirates on the bridge.

Most importantly—they learn to trust themselves and others by interacting physically, emotionally and socially with their peers.

While we would never deny a child entrance into a classroom, we routinely deny children with disabilities entrance onto the playground, as the majority of traditional playgrounds are physically inaccessible to them.

The Solution

Studies have proven that integrated play helps develop: fine and gross motor skills; receptive communication skills; cerebral functions; physical strength; coordination and balance; and social skills, including independence and self esteem.

Integrated play also gives typically-able children the opportunity to experience and accept their peers with special needs as equals, teaching the vital lessons of compassion, awareness, and acceptance.

The work Shane’s Inspiration does

Shane’s Inspiration’s uniquely designed playgrounds allow children of all abilities to feel that the playground was made especially for them.  Each design is guided by a team of experts… the children with disabilities who use them and medical experts who work with those children every day.

To ensure that the project is truly relevant, the Shane’s Inspiration staff facilitates community design workshops for each playground, where children, parents, residents, civic and business leaders, healthcare professionals, educators, and others have the opportunity to dream up their ideal playground. Shane’s Inspiration helps them explore play elements, landscaping ideas, recreation needs, and aesthetic values. The community members then narrow down the elements that are the highest priority.

How purchasing the t-shirt helps

When you buy one of these shirts, BYDFAULT donates $5 to Shane’s Inspiration. With the money you help raise, you help Shane’s Inspiration design and build playgrounds so that children with all abilities can play and interact with each other.


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