BYDFAULT | how helping children can change your life

Stéphane, Matthieu and Alexandre along with 10 other volunteers went to Guatemala to restore desks and furniture and helping children go and stay at school in the city of Quetzaltenango. That was the starting of what will become BYDFAULT.

We all stayed for a week and that was a life changer. During that week working at the school we also talked and spent a lot of time with the children, always smiling and happy despite the poverty they live in. Some wanted to become teachers others wanted to become lawyers or doctors… but reality tells a different story and only 70% of them will complete elementary school.

That’s a cruel fact. Because half of the population lives below the poverty line and despite public schools are free and mandatory, many parents cannot afford the books and other small school supplies. Therefore, many children will drop school and return with their family helping at the farm.

When we came back from that trip in August 2010, with 3 volunteers, we started a fundraising to buy the books these children need to go and stay at school. We also started a blog to tell our story. In 2010 and 2011 we raised more than $1,500.00 and bought books for elementary students.

Today, two years later, BYDFAULT is proud to continue supporting the school with more books helping more children.

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