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We are actually doing it,  we are building that new classroom so more children can access education in Guatemala. And that’s because of YOU!

The students, teachers and the school’s principal are so thankful of what you have done to help these children have an education in Guatemala and stay at school rather than going back to the field.

You have helped them have a brighter future and you should be proud of it!

I am going back volunteering and helping in the building of the new classroom/library from March 7-16 and my middle son Alex (turning 14 on 3/12), is going with me. As you can imagine, he is also very excited and can’t wait to see again the friends he made almost three years ago during his first trip to Guatemala. I am also very proud to be able to give him that opportunity. How great it is for a teenager to understand how difficult it is for some children to just go to school while we often take it for granted. In doing so, I also hope to inspire more people, young and old, to dedicate their time in helping others. And if you want to go help in finishing this classroom project, let me know and I can hook you up with Kindred Volunteer, the organization in Guatemala managing the project.

Here are images of the location where the new classroom will be built:


Sometime people ask me why are you doing this?

There is no simple answer and this is very personal. But I always answer that I do it because I feel it is fair and the right thing to do. When you are not lacking of anything, to just give back a little something to someone for whom it is actually a lot is something fairly easy so why not doing it.

We can change lives.

For anyone who has experienced giving his/her time to help someone in need then you know that feeling. When you can actually talk with people who will benefit from you, when you see the smile on the children’ face then you know why you are here and do what you do. This is true from a personal stand point; it is also true as a company.

When I first went to that school it was during summer 2010. I was volunteering alongside other great people who dedicated their time in helping others so they can have a brighter future. That’s when I came back from that trip that I decided to create BYDFAULT and give back to other causes through a socially responsible business.

It’s working!

After about a year into it, the least I can say is that it’s working. With the sale of our first shirt designed by Australian artist John Hobbs we are honoring our promised to build a library and buy books for the school. It’s a living proof that together we can change the world.

Thanks for all the support,

Stephane Boss, doing good with BYDFAULT since 2011

Stephane Boss,
doing good with BYDFAULT since 2011.


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