Give Back

How much does BYDFAULT give back?

As a socially conscious company, we like to have a high level of transparency. For each item sold, we give back $5 to a nonprofit organization whether the product is on promotion or not. Giving back is the reason we created BYDFAULT. Our goal is to give as much as we possibly can.


Why don’t you give more?

To fulfill its mission and make premium apparel and accessories, BYDFAULT needs to cover the following business costs: artist fees, blank t-shirts and other accessories, photos, screen printing, hang tags, packaging, goodies (stickers, tattoo…), custom mailer, custom labels, rent, utilities, marketing, payroll, legal and accounting, supplies, licenses, hosting,  and many other costs…


“To give back and help someone in need every day we need to be a healthy business”
– Stephane Boss, Founder

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