BYDFAULT custom printed t-shirt and clothing


BYDFAULT now offering custom printed t-shirt and clothing & design services.

Launched in 2012, BYDFAULT, as a Seattle and Redmond, WA based brand and company, has built a strong reputation in the USA and internationally working with emerging and renowned designers to provide premium apparel with great customer service paying attention to every detail.

As a company child, BYDFAULT Custom Print & Design started in May 2014 on the promise of delivering the same or superior high quality product and customer service as we do with the BYDFAULT apparel brand to greater Seattle area, out of state and international businesses and brands.

Adding a line of service dedicated to help other businesses and individuals succeed with their custom print projects was quite a natural development for the company. Says Stephane Boss, Founder and CEO

By doing so, we remain a socially conscious business and donate 5% of every custom order to a charity of our client choice. Not to mention when our client is a nonprofit, they can benefit from our give back program.

A dedicated team to help with your custom printed t-shirt and clothing project

Because you are busy focusing on your core business, we want to save you time and money while providing top quality custom print clothing. We are a one stop shop for all your custom printing and personalized clothing needs. And if you decide so, we can be with you during all the steps of your project.

Whether you need a custom print t-shirt, hood, jacket, dress shirt, short, jersey… for a team, an event, an organization or one shirt personalized for you or a friend/family member for a special occasion… we can help with any custom printed t-shirt and clothing needs! We are not afraid of complicated, we actually love it!

Or whether you are looking for branding services to reinforce your visual identity through custom woven labels, patches or tags or custom printed t-shirt and clothing… we got you covered!

In addition to working with a team of extremely reactive and fun professionals, one of the key benefits in working with us is that we do the work with you, for you!

Work ethic

We have established a network of professionals in the US (greater Seattle area) and abroad (France, Asia…) that we have handpicked and trust. We have selected them based on the quality of their work, their manufacturing process and ethic (we make sure there is no child labor, workers are paid fair wages, no enslaved workers…) but also their price. But what also matters is that they are like-minded people.

We are always looking for the top suppliers and are adding new ones constantly. But that’s our secret sauce. In that effort, and for our outside of the USA clients, we often find a manufacturer in their geo to minimize the cost and maximize results.

This new activity for BYDFAULT is growing fast and relies on word of mouth. There is no dedicated website yet and we don’t advertise. Right now, our effort is to provide top notch custom clothing that meets your budget and give back to the community.

That being said, we would love you to become our customer and to help spread the word. We all need a custom t-shirt at some point, right?

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BYDFAULT Custom Print & design services:

– Custom print and personalized clothing: from sourcing to printing/embroidery,
– Brand consulting & product development
– Labeling (manufacturing)
– Sewing garment
– Fulfillment
– What you need is not listed? Let us know!

BYDFAULT Custom Print & design services key differentiators:

– We have 20+ years of experience building relationship with businesses, managing huge projects… to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget,
– We team up with a network of professionals (clothing manufacturers, screen printers…) in Seattle and overseas to guarantee we always get you the most for your budget,
– We go the extra mile in terms of project management and quality control so you always get what’s best,
– We run a premium apparel line (BYDFAULT guilt free fashion): we know what we are talking about!
– We donate 5% of your order to a charity of your choice, yes give back is in our DNA.

Some BYDFAULT Custom Print & design services customer references:

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