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BYDFAULT has built a strong reputation over the years to deliver premium quality products with a high level customer services.

We help you with all your custom apparel needs.
We apply the same level of expectations for our business and nonprofit customers as we do for the BYDFAULT apparel brand.

We are a one stop shop for all your custom printing and personalized clothing needs. We can custom print anything that will help you promote your message. From an existing
logo to a collaboratively designed artwork.

That means we source the product to be customized, we recommend the best printing technique (direct to garment, screen printing, sublimation…) based on your design, quantity and budget.

We work with all major brands (American Apparel, Alternative Apparel, Next level Apparel, Bella-Canvas, District apparel, Gildan, Anvil, Bay, Royal Apparel, Delta…) and distributors to get you the best price.

In addition to making your custom promotional apparel, we also offer the fulfillment

We store your personalized products in our safe warehouse providing real time inventory management.
We can also open an e-shop on our website to make your products available to your clients and supporters. We also give you the tools to monitor your sales and better understand what is selling and where your clients are located.

In doing so we help you focus on your mission saving you time, space and money throughout the process.

A network of suppliers

We have built relationship with a network of suppliers (t-shirt manufacturers, printers, sewing studio, labeling companies, freelance designers…) that we trust and select based on their ability to deliver on time high quality product/service and ethic practice.

We have spent countless of hours to find and select the best for the BYDFAULT brand and we’ll work with the same professionals for your project.

Committed to give Back

As a socially conscious company, BYDFAULT Custom Print Design Services is committed to only work with Ethical suppliers and to give back 5% of your order to a charity of your choice.

Your project will never be too small or too big. From product development, branding, to custom print and packing, we can almost do it all.

Let’s talk about your next project and let us give you an estimate, call now: +1 (425) 247-0631 or send an email:

Services we provide:

– Brand consulting
– Product development
– Custom print (on pretty much anything)
– Sourcing
– Labeling (manufacturing)
– Sewing garment
– Fulfillment: store and sell your products.

Check out our online catalogs for an idea of the products we can customize for your project

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Example of customers and projects:

EuroSeattle Startup Weekend (Seattle, WA)

Startup Weekend is a global network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals, teams and communities.

Project: The team at EuroSeattle startup weekend wanted to a t-shirt for their event that will be nice to wear and to keep. They provided a brand new design to embody the values and inspiration of the organization and wanted a high quality print and tshirt. BYDFAULT custom print & design recommended a fitted very soft and ringspun cotton tee with a soft to the touch print.

Nspire (Phoenix, AZ)

Nspire define themselves as an apparel brand with meaning and substance.  A clothing line, a brand and entity custom designed from the ground up to evoke emotion and stir the soul.  Designed by a small group of Designers and Artists fueled by passion and determination to produce a line that will inspire those who wear it, and motivate those who don’t. Check them out:

Project: Nspire as a t-shirt brand wanted to reinforce their brand identity and visibility to their customers. Using blank shirts they wanted to add their brand to the final product. BYDFAULT custom print & design designed and produced a high quality woven label to be sewn on the shirt.


Ethical Choices (Everett, WA)

Ethical Choices is a “Freedom & Fair Trade Store” dealing in ethical products, no slave labor, no child labor & in many cases made by people rescued from modern day slavery!!! Helping the “least of these”! 2612 Colby Ave, Everett, Washington 98201 – (425) 404-3972 –

Project: Ethical Choices wanted a fairly made t-shirt to showcase their mission and values. What we did: custom design and print based on an idea provided by the client. Project included graphic design, mockup design, t-shirts sourcing, printing and relabeling.

Unchained (Columbus, OH):

UNCHAINED is a Columbus, Ohio based nonprofit organization that utilizes fashion to raise awareness about human trafficking and ignite abolitionists.

Project: Unchained wanted to use fairly made t-shirt with their logo to raise funds for their organization. Project included mockup design, t-shirts sourcing, printing and shipping. Full color logo provided by Unchained.

VALA Eastside (Redmond, WA):

VALA Eastside is a thriving art venue enabling the showcasing of artwork for artists on the Eastside community of Washington as well as invigorating the cultural scene of this community.

Project: Vala wanted to make aprons featuring their full color logo for an upcoming event for their volunteers. What we did: product selection and sourcing, mockup design and printing.

Claude (Paris, France):

Claude is an individual who reached out to us to design a custom print t-shirt for his and his wife’s birthday. Not the typical project but we did it.

Project: custom design and print based on an existing. Project included graphic design, mockup design, t-shirts sourcing, printing and relabeling.

Need an estimate, advices on your project? Call us +1 (425) 247-0631 or send an email:



How much does it cost?

Every project is different. Based on number of colors and quantity an average custom print t-shirt with a logo you provide will cost you between $5 and $15.

How fast?

As fast as two weeks. Average tends to be more about 3-4 weeks after we have received your approval and deposit.

Do I pay for shipping?

– In Seattle or the Bellevue/Redmond/Kirkland//Woodinville/Bothel area handling/delivery is free.
– Driving distance (up to 30 miles radius from Redmond) handling/delivery fee is $20.
– Farther than a 30 miles radius from Redmond and within domestic US, ground fedex shipping rate will apply: about $50-$60 for 144 t-shirts.

What’s your minimum?

There is no minimum when you print on light garment with a darker ink.
Otherwise 24 is the minimum for screen printing and dark garment.

What quality/style shirts do you print on?

Pretty much anything ink can print on. We have a preference for ringspun 100% cotton 4.3oz though. Styles will vary from crew neck to v-neck to scoop neck or bat-wing style shirt. Tell us what you have in mind or even better, show us a pic of the style you like and we’ll find it for you.

Can you help me choose the right fabric for my budget and needs?

Absolutely and that’s what we are good at. Give us a description of what you are looking for and we’ll hunt it for you.

Are you using fairly made t-shirts?

Yep. We have the same requirements for your project as for our BYDFAULT brand t-shirt. We provide you with all the certifications manufacturers are sharing with us. When in doubt we prefer not to work with them.

What type of inks do you print with?

Waterbased ink, platsiol, specialty inks (metallic, gel, glossy, discharged…), special effect ink (foil, puffy… )

Do you really give back 5% to charities?

Yep! We give back 5% of your order (before tax) back to a charity of your choice. It can be you if you are a nonprofit organization, one you work with already or one of ours (check the causes we support here)

Do I have to pay Sales Tax?

If your reside in Washington State, you’ll need to provide your reseller certificate in order to avoid sales tax.

What if I need 500,000 t-shirts?

That’s awesome!! And that’s the reason we choose to work with a network of suppliers including Screen printers to guarantee we can do any type of jobs whether small, big or very big like yours.

Have more questions? Give us a call: +1 (425) 247-0631


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