This is more than t-shirts. These are exclusive t-shirts with a story and a purpose!

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BYDFAULT’s exclusive t-shirts are thoroughly thoughts with all the details in mind that will make them different from any others. Our shirts have a story and a purpose, they are special in many ways and each one is, on its own way.

What looks simple might not be that simple. Actually, nothing is simple when you put quality and the customer at the center of everything you do, especially when you make exclusive t-shirts.

A t-shirt is quite a simple thing for most of us. Yeah, I know, a shirt is a shirt, a watch is a watch, a car is a car, and a house is a house… right? And then I hear you say “a car is different because it uses technology, high end materials…” same with the watch “Swiss made, hand crafted and assembled…”. Well then, how is this different when it comes to t-shirts? Or should I say: how something that simple can become something as desirable and unique as a handmade watch or a highly tech car?

When you think about it a little more, ask yourself why your favorite t-shirt became you fav. one?

That’s when you realize that you like the feel (really soft), how it fits, how it is made, the details that make it unique, the story behind it… You may also appreciate it is made in the USA or from a WRAP certified factory or that people who made that shirt are human trafficking survivors… Perhaps you also like how it is printed, how it feels to the touch unless it is because it has your number printed on it from a very limited edition. Not to mention the design itself… or the causes it supports, the message behind it… and so on.

At BYDFAULT, this is how we make our shirts and everything we do: premium quality with great attention to details we hope you’ll appreciate.

Now, this shirt is no longer a basic one. That’s an exclusive t-shirt with a story and a purpose made for you.

A story because an artist was inspired by a cause and decided to support it with his heart and soul. The creation process can take months before we call it final and ready-to-print. For example, the work with Elif Varol Ergen on the NOT FOR SALE exclusive t-shirts started in July 2012 for a release date to be in December that same year. That’s because the outcome is really inspiration based not about commission work and deadlines. We respect the creation process the artist goes through because we are confident it is what will make the end result so unique and exclusive.

And a purpose because the shirt becomes a mean to drive awareness on a problem the world is facing. The shirt is a statement based on an artistic approach of a problem. When you wear that shirt you are making a statement, you show support and make a difference. But you also look cool with a shirt especially designed by an inspired artist.

I am sure you don’t look at your shirt the same way anymore. Simple? Nothing is, especially when you want to do the right things.

BYDFAULT’s t-shirts are thoughts thoroughly with all the details that will make it different from any others. Our shirts have a story, they are special in many ways and each one is on its own way.

We do it this way because we don’t know of another. We want to build a brand that last and it’s important for us that you know and understand how we do things and why.

What do you think of our approach?

Thank you for reading through and taking the time.

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Stephane Boss, doing good with BYDFAULT since 2011

Stephane Boss,
doing good with BYDFAULT since 2011.

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  2. Anonymous -

    January 9, 2013 at 7:19 pm

    Real good visual appeal on this website , Id value it 10 10.