Milan Heger

Based out of Seattle, Washington, Milan Heger is an expert at multi-disciplinary custom design: combining art, architecture, interiors, and furniture.

Rooted in the concept of Bauhaus, Milan combines multiple design disciplines to create a total design solution, and achieve the finest quality of custom design.

Born in communist Czechoslovakia, Milan grew up in a highly censored and restricted community. He left Czechoslovakia to study fine art in Budapest, Hungary, under Ernest Fischer, and then to study architecture at the Technical Institute in Bratislava. After completing his architectural training, Milan founded the private design firm in a communist setting, FreeART, which focused on design, interiors, and architecture.

In 1989, Milan accepted a visiting professor position at the University of Hawaii, where he taught for two years. After completing the visiting professorship in Hawaii, Milan briefly returned to Czechoslovakia to participate in the change of regime during the Velvet Revolution. After working as an architect in Hawaii for a number of years, Milan moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1997 to open his own architecture and design firm, where he is today.

About the collaboration with BYDFAULT:

When we met about a year ago with Milan, we knew we will be working on a project together some day. There are things you can feel at first sight when you meet someone. While Milan was working on his new exhibition in NYC, Stephane met a guy in the back country at Crystal, WA, a ski resort near Mt Rainier. This guy was actually working for Naish Kiteboarding. And that’s how everything clicked. Few weeks later, Stephane and Milan were dreaming on making a fashion-accessory line out of used kites. We received the first kite from a local kite surfer soon after and few more from Naish later on.
First messenger bags will be released in 2014.

Abstract of the work of Milan Heger: