John Hobbs

John Hobbs is an Illustrator from Melbourne, Australia. His tattoo inspired style work is mainly done in black ink with a ”sailor” twist as a reference to his passion for navy ships.

Artist statement:

“I started drawing at a very young age and can vividly remember getting in trouble at school for drawing as opposed to doing school work. Drawing and illustrating is a gift I have been blessed with and after many years sitting idle and doing nothing with it, I am now seeing my work on band t-shirts, on websites, business branding, as tattoos and much more. There is nothing I enjoy more than sharing my gift and being in demand from those wanting a little of what it is I have to offer.”

About the collaboration with BYDFAULT:

With a sponsored child in Guatemala, John was very excited and inspired with the cause we wanted to support. Designs he produced are directly inspired by the cause: the Angel Wings pay tribute to the children’ caring, loving and protective mothers; while the Owl is a reference to the knowledge and wisdom the children of Guatemala need to go to school, study and have a future.

As the very first artist we worked with, there is a special connection between John and BYDFAULT. We are proud and thankful that he agreed to team up with us on this cause.

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About John’s work and technique: