Graphik H.

Graphik H. is an illustrator, designer and music/video mixer based in France. The best way to understand his poetic, linear, rendering style that is often based off of photography is to enter his universe. Listen to his music on Youtube or even better, from the Soundcloud player down below (for Firefox, Chrome and Safari users!). Listen to his music -at the cross-road of ambient, trip-hop and hip-hop- while watching his illustrations and let your mind wander in a world of dreams and poetry. Along these lines, the videos he creates use images he found and edit resulting in a mix of reality and fiction that puts you in an “enchanted” world.

His work has also been used in editorial and commercial work with his signature portrait work.

I really like BYDFAULT’s approach. It meets my passion for drawing and my willingness to make a difference. Being a part of this project was obvious.
– Graphik H.

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Music video by Graphik H.:

Works by Graphik H.: