Art is a weapon!

Art is a weapon: what’s the point of making a piece of art if only few people can see it.

We believe in the power of art to move people, raise awareness, be provocative, committed and engaged in our world. From the street to your home through an art gallery or an artist studio, art is to be shown. Art is a way to fight against inequalities, help someone have a better life… When you think about it, it only takes a few dollars to literally save someone.

Artists are activists and you can be too. You can stand up for your cause and raise your voice to change the world.

We believe in the power of art as a weapon we can leverage to overcome some of the biggest challenges the world, our world, is facing today. We can help human trafficking survivors, we can save a child from dying if we can give him clean water, we can heal, we can educate… that’s a matter of choice. We can make the choice to change the world. This is our choice.

A great and recent example about how art can change the world is from artist JR:

“I wish for you to stand up for what you care about by participating in a global art project, and together we’ll turn the world…INSIDE OUT.”
– JR, TED2011


Inside Out Project – Trailer from SOCIAL ANIMALS on Vimeo.

The INSIDE OUT movie focuses on international communities involved in the INSIDE OUT Project: their story, their sorrow, their hope. Searching for what is common in their motivation, the movie will try to come closer to what is universal: human feelings.

Le film INSIDE OUT suit dans le monde entier, l’implication des communautés, leurs histoires, leurs doutes, leurs espoirs. En cherchant ce qu’il y a de commun dans leur motivation, le film tend à se rapprocher de ce qu’il y a de plus universel: les sentiments humains.

2 Responses to Art is a weapon!

  1. Nathan Dean -

    November 8, 2012 at 7:07 pm

    Great post. It reminds me of some of the messaging in the Nine Inch Nails album Year Zero, in which they feature a possible future of mass police state where art is considered resistance. They also made some cool downloadable wallpapers particularly this one:

    see al of them here:

  2. Stephane -

    November 11, 2012 at 1:38 am

    Thanks Nathan. Love Nine Inch Nails!